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  • Champagne Alfred Gratien

    "hand-crafted" champagne that represents quality and uniqueness

  • Champagne Billecart-Salmon

    At the heart of Champagne, in the charming village of Mareuil-sur-Ay is an independent family house champagne for nearly 200 years.

  • Champagne Bollinger

    La Maison Champagne Bollinger champagne from 1829 creates prestige with character, which are distinguished by their elegance and complexity. These fine wines are the result of a rigorous attention to detail, Bollinger does not accept anything less than excellence. Every detail represents a search for a form of perfection.

  • Champagne Bruno Paillard

    Bruno Paillard was born in Reims in 1953. His ancestors are brokers and growers Bouzy and Verzenay - two great wines of Champagne since 1704. He himself started as a broker in 1975, interested in work that brings him a perfect knowledge of Champagne. However, it goes away after 6 years, driven by the desire to develop himself a different other champagne, very pure, very elegant, a kind of Holy Grail that believes accessible. E 'in January 1981 Bruno Paillard 27 years. Armed only with his will, no screws, no money, he sold his old Jaguar become "collectibles" to provide his company with an initial capital of 15 000 euro. E 'in a cellar for rent and purchased grapes from carefully selected manufacturers born Champagne Bruno Paillard first.

  • Champagne Charles Heidsieck

    As the centuries pass, the influence of Charles’ charm continues. His ambitions have driven his descendants. His choices have defined the identity of the House, rendering it unique and immediately recognisable among the competition.

  • Champagne Collard-Picard

    Champagne Collard-Picard was born in 1996 from the savoir-faire of Olivier and Caroline COLLARD PICARD. Located at no. 15 Avenue de Champagne in Epernay, the Maison Collard-Picard is powered by an absolute requirement for quality.

  • Champagne De Venoge

    La Maison De Venoge was founded in 1837 in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, one of the most renowned of land throughout the region Champagne.

  • Champagne Delamotte

    located in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, Grand Cru of the Côte des Blancs. House Delamotte has more than 250 years. It was founded in 1760, fifth in order of seniority in Champagne, by François Delamotte, owner of vineyards.  

  • Champagne Deutz

    Deutz, formerly known as Deutz Geldermann, is a Champagne producer based in the Aÿ region of Champagne. The house was founded in 1838 and run by successive generations of the Deutz and Geldermann families. Deutz produces both vintage and non-vintage cuvée as well as a prestige wine known as Amour de Deutz.

  • Champagne Dom Perignon

    By the end of the seventeenth century to create the "best wine in the world" was the stated goal of Dom Pérignon, motivated by a constant drive for perfection the luxury wine. Three centuries later, the same quest for perfection continues through the wine that bears his name, driving the Chef de Cave in the production of rare vintages he selects - in the creative process that perpetuates the style of Dom Pérignon - while ensuring the expression faithful of a particular vintage.

  • Champagne Doyard Mahe

    Created in 1927 by Maurice Doyard, who was cofounder of the CIVC in 1941, our House located in the heart of the "Côte des Blancs" is transmitting its know-how since 4 generations now.

  • Champagne Dumangin

    Jacky Dumangin recovered the family tradition about 35 years ago. Since then he has created his own brand "Champagne J. Dumangin Fils". His champagne have received many international awards for the quality of the production.

  • Champagne Duval Leroy

    Champagne DUVAL-LEROY was founded in 1859 when two Champagne families came together to share their interests. Since its creation, Champagne DUVAL-LEROY has been located in Vertus, in the heart of “La Cote des Blancs”.

  • Champagne Egly Ouriet

    The champagne house EGLY-OURIET is a family home that has been four generations. Small in production (about 100,000 bottles per year) and great for the exceptional quality of its champagnes.

  • Champagne Forget-Brimont

    The vineyard of the house Forget-Brimont now covers 18 hectares located primarily on the soils common to the Mountain of Reims.

  • Champagne Gosset

    Traditional know-how since 1584. Today the wines are presented in antique bottle, exact replica of the one used since the eighteenth century by Champagne Gosset. The malolactic fermentation is carefully avoided to preserve malic acid which restores the natural fruity aroma of wines.

  • Champagne Guy Charlemagne

    "Our motto "QUALITY IS MY TRUTH" is a concern of every day. Surrounded by a qualified staff, we are all working for the same purpose for the development of our vintages. Still in family business where tradition is perpetuated, we want to share the values of our prestigious terroir emphasizing quality, authenticity and dream".

  • Champagne Guy Lamoureux

    La Maison Guy Lamoureux is in the Côte des Bar, in the heart of the village of Riceys, Champagne region's largest and only wine-growing town to have 3 AOC: Champagne, Rosé des Riceys and Coteaux Champenois.

  • Champagne Jacques Selosse

    THE CHAMPAGNE WINE REGIONLocated 150 km east of Paris the Champagne wine region, covering just over 33,000 hectares and 320 million bottles Producing Almost Each year, is one of the MOST exotic and prestigious wine regions in the world.

  • Champagne Jacquesson

    Jacquesson vineyards are located in the Grand Cru villages of Aÿ, Avize and Oiry and in the Premier Cru villages of Dizy, Hautvillers and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, with approximately 15% of the fruit sourced from growers in these villages as well as the Grand Cru village of Chouilly and the Premier Cru village Cumières.

  • Champagne Jean Michel

    Since 1847, a passion for the vineyard has been passed down through generations in the MICHEL Family.

    At the heart of the vineyards of the Champagne region, several kilometres from Epernay, in the commune of Moussy, spread the firm’s 12 hectares of vineyards, planted with Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

  • Champagne Jerome Prevost

    For fifteen years, a new generation of young winemakers talented appeared in Champagne. Jérôme Prévost is undoubtedly one of the new big champagne designers. Its champagnes Closerie show a real personality. They are a delight for lovers of real champagne wines.

  • Champagne Krug

    La Maison Krug illustrates the extraordinary adventure of a visionary, Joseph Krug, a man with an uncompromising philosophy, convinced that the essence of Champagne is pleasure itself; he wanted to offer its customers a Champagne of rare richness and sophistication recreated every year, regardless of weather changes. Joseph Krug founded as the first and only champagne House that stands out for the lack of hierarchy between its Cuvée, all of equal quality and distinction, and all made with the same attention.

  • Champagne Lanson

    A dominant Champagne Black Pinot and Chardonnay in typical Champagne style. Vinification without malolactic fermentation, historic and exclusive bias for large Champagne House, guarantee of freshness and fruitiness. Aging in cellars than regulation for perfectly accomplished vintages.

  • Champagne Laurent-Perrier

    Bernard de Nonancourt Laurent-Perrier.Il created the style that has been able to use the traditional uses of Champagne, but also initiate new technical approaches developed. He has created a unique range of wines, each with its history and style. Laurent-Perrier is recognized for its taste and consistency of quality, vintage after vintage.

  • Champagne Louis Roederer

    The cuvée of the Maison Louis Roederer born by the patient compared with the elements, by a meeting of talents, from a science of balances, from a grape resistant and generous, which has its roots in the land of Champagne, who gives birth to a wine soul solar crystalline elegance.

  • Champagne Michel Fallon

    A small producer and one champagne, the Ozanne, a blanc de blancs Grand Cru non-vintage proposed for the first time in 2008. The champagne is no exception to the "rule" and recounts the best style selossiano (including fermentation in fût de chêne ) with such a depth that for some this blanc de blancs remember what were the wines of Anselme beginning, when the first expressions of Selosse had crazed fans because of a style highly innovative. Ah, a curiosity: the name Ozanne refers to that historic "Avize beautiful", maintained until the year 796.

  • Champagne Moet & Chandon

    Moët & Chandon is the champagne from 1743's glamor and success. La Maison Moët & Chandon has a long tradition of achievements, firsts and legendary pioneering innovations, which have made the most authentic synonymous with the best champagne in the world. His name is history, contemporary taste and pleasure in a unique equilibrium. Moët & Chandon celebrates the most important moments and significant for almost 270 years.

  • Champagne Mumm

    The vineyard of the Maison GHMUMM covers almost 218 acres, classified to 98% in the historical scale of cru. For almost two centuries, a story based on tradition, the expertise and excellence. For a perfect celebration, the noble art of the production of champagne is made of a myriad of gestures.

  • Champagne Perrier Jouet

    Since 1811 the Maison Perrier-Jouët produces wines with a unique style, floral, intense, refined. Two centuries of tradition in the secret cellars of the Maison, a precious savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation. A Maison craft.

  • Champagne Philipponnat

    The 17 hectares of vineyards are located in the Maison Premiers and Grands Crus, in the heart of Champagne in Ay, Mareuil-sur-Ay and Avenay. Land centenarians, precious and fragile, which preserves Philipponnat working the land of course, hand weeding and plowing with draft horses. La Maison is committed to renewing its traditions puntanto always the best: Philipponnat keen to preserve the existing, seizing the challenges to continuously improve the quality of wines.

  • Champagne Piper-Heidsieck

    Piper-Heidsieck is one of the biggest champagne houses in the world, based in Reims, in the Champagne-Ardenne.

  • Champagne Pol Roger

    Champagne Pol Roger (founded 1849) is a notable producer of champagne. The brand is still owned and run by the descendants of Pol Roger. Based around the town of Épernay in the Champagne region, the house annually produces around 110,000 cases of Champagne.

  • Champagne Ruinart

    La Maison Ruinart was founded in 1729, in the middle of the eighteenth century, in a time when it emerges in France a new art of living.

  • Champagne Salon

    A great wine, just ... with bubbles. Salon is a unique champagne. Everything in this exceptional wine is placed under the sign of one: originally champagne of a man, Aimé Salon, a single terroir, the Côte des Blancs, a single thought, Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, a single grape variety, chardonnay, a single year without any assembly.

  • Champagne Taittinger

    Taittinger Champagne is a great place located in Reims owns more than 260 hectares of vineyards, 170 worked on the plow, no herbicides ...

  • Champagne Thienot

    1985 Alain Thiénot has matured his project and created his eponymous house. He uses his special relationship with the winemakers and ensures a unique supply.

  • Champagne Ulysse Collin

    After an internship at Selosse in 2002, Olivier Collin resumed in 2003, by a négociant, some vineyards previously cultivated by the family Collin, but the frost of 2003 did not allow to preserve this small collection.

  • Champagne Veuve Clicquot

    One Champagne legend. The whole history of Veuve Clicquot is characterized by legendary wines, unique products able to meet the demand for quality that has always been the driving force in Madame Clicquot over the years. True to this heritage, the House is proud of his motto: "Only one quality, the best" and leads now as then this quest for quality, thus ensuring the continuity of style Veuve Clicquot: the strength and complexity.

  • Domaine Verret

    In the north of Burgundy, less than two hours from Paris, Domaine Verret cultivates the finest expressions of the Grand Auxerrois and Chablis terroirs.
    But what is the terroir? It is in fact the result of a mixture of geology, climatology, grape varieties and, of course, know-how. This is what makes each wine, each vintage and each Domaine unique.

  • Spumanti Abate Nero

    In the name evokes the figure of the abbot French considered the "father" of Champagne but in essence it is a sparkling classic markedly Trentino.

  • Spumanti Andrea Arici Franciacorta

    In the late nineties, a little over twenty Andrea Arici assisted by his family, decides to recover some old terraced vineyards, abandoned for years. We are in Gussago, extreme east of Franciacorta territory.

  • Spumanti Barboglio de Gaioncelli

    Among the wineries in Franciacorta, the wine cellar Barboglio De Gaioncelli is a reality of great interest and quality and philosophy.

  • Spumanti Bellavista

    Bellavista is pure avant-garde, is a style maverick and enterprising that now, as then, research the essence of his character in the deepest roots of an extraordinary land with unique geological and climatic characteristics.

  • Spumanti Biondelli Franciacorta

    The family owned Biondelli, called Breda, was purchased in the period immediately following the end of World War II's grandfather Joska, Joseph Biondelli, future ambassador of Italy and then consul general in Innsbruck in Austria.

  • Spumanti Ca del Bosco

    The meeting between the young Maurizio Zanella and sweetness of Franciacorta, when his mother moved to Erbusco and implanted the first vineyard, is the first contact of what would have been the love of a lifetime. But after a trip to Champagne, the goal of which is the famous maisons where does that wine that has always fascinated and ignites the imagination, that Maurizio returns with the idea adamant to achieve something similar. What was a house nestled in a forest of chestnut trees, has become one of the most modern and advanced wineries in Italy. Since then, one principle defines the essence of Ca 'del Bosco: the pursuit of excellence.

  • Spumanti Ferrari

    The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating in Trentino a wine capable of dealing with the best French Champagne.

  • Spumanti La Montina

    The winery La Montina Franciacorta born in April 28, 1987 behest of three of the seven brothers Draft: Vittorio, Gian Carlo Alberto.

  • Spumanti Majolini

    The winery is located in the town of Ome Majolini, in the heart of Franciacorta. Ome, splendid ancient village, stands out for its unique geology. This area is in fact made up of layers of Medolo, pure white limestone, able to donate minerality and structure to Franciacorta products here. The village is also located in a sheltered cove at the foot of Mount Brione (800 meters) and surrounded by green hills, enjoys a unique microclimate inside the Franciacorta. The vineyards Majolini draw the rest of the particular terroir and offer your wine the recognized excellence.

  • Spumanti Monte Rossa

    Historic winery of Franciacorta where rural traditions merged harmoniously with technology and where the craftsmanship and the passionate pursuit of excellence are managed with commitment and entrepreneurial mindset, without compromise.

  • Spumanti Vivallis

    The roots date back to 1908 thanks to the vision of its founder Don Giovanni Battista Panizza.

Showing 1 - 9 of 53 items