General information

Shipments depart from Italy by courier. Deliveries will be made within one / two business days of receipt of payment or according to different times agreed with the customer. We ship only in Italy.

Participation charges excluding VAT:

ITALY With BRT Courier:

  • From 0 to 5 Kg Euro 8,00
  • From 5 to 10 Kg - Euro 10,00
  • From 10 to 20 kg - € 11,00
  • From 20 to 30 kg - € 12,00
  • From 30 to 50 kg - € 15,00
  • From 50 to 70kg - € 20,00
  • From 70 to 100 kg - € 28,00
  • From 100 to 150kg - € 40,00
  • From 150 to 200Kg - Euro 55,00

The goods will delivery within 1 working day after dispatch, and within 2 working days in Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and the smaller islands. Ancillary services (by telephone, over the floor, hold for pickup, tail lift, if required must be calculated separately). Shipments of bottles are made in special packaging styrofoam, except for very large or unusual sizes.

Delivery time

Orders are processed upon receipt and shipped within the same day or at the latest within one / two business days after receipt of payment. Delivery times normal (starting from the dispatch date) are 1 to 2 working days for mainland Italy to Naples. For the islands and areas south of Naples, the delivery time of 3-4 working days. We are committed, therefore, that the goods are delivered within 6 working days (the first attempt of delivery courier). Note that if some of our products require a delivery time a bit 'longer, we will contact you upon receipt of the order to let you know and decide together how to proceed with the order.


All shipments are made with packing material to transport the bottles, professionalism and expertise of our carrier partners allow us to have very few breaks.
Shipments are made by one of our partners, with shipment tracking via the Internet. The packages are delivered directly to the delivery address provided.

Receipt of your order

Your orders will be delivered in the shortest possible time. If you are absent at the time of delivery, a notice will be left in the mailbox. You can then contact the carrier (whose details appear on the card) and agreed with him to set a new delivery date or go directly to the nearest office to pick up your neck.

Important: In case of failure to deliver due to a lack of customer (not able to deliver because they do not release the correct phone number, no reply to the notice of attempted delivery, etc.), all shipping charges will be to your load. Please note that all packages always travel at the risk of the recipient.

What to do in case of delivery problems?

Delay: If you notice any unusual delay in delivery of Champagne, please contact us via e-mail ( or by telephone on +39.03651896031. We will immediately get in touch with our carriers.

damaged package

Despite the care in our packaging, it could happen exceptionally that a package is damaged and the bottles are broken. All of our shipments are insured and guarantee our customer.

If there are minor dents on the packaging and there is no sign of leakage accept the shipment by signing in the space provided "conditional" and indicate the visible damage on the consignment note.

If the carton is badly damaged and there are spills of liquid it is best to refuse the delivery in its entirety and record in writing the reason for denial (bad packets and broken) on the consignment note made ​​by the courier.

You must contact within 24 hours in order to proceed with the replacement in the shortest possible time.

incomplete delivery

If the delivery is missing one or more packages. Write it down in writing in the transport to and contact us by phone or email within 24 hours to proceed with the resolution as soon as possible.